Quarter a Beef

So you enjoy beef?  We are excited to share with you all our cuts of beef for a discounted price.

  Remember, all of our beef is

  • All Natural - Hormone Free,
  • Texas Black Angus,
  • Grain - Finished beef
  • 37 days aged (7 days dry aged, 30 days wet aged)
  • and U.S.D.A. Prime & Choice Beef.  

All of our cuts for quarter, half, and full cow consist of: chuck roast, brisket, NY strip, filets, ribeyes, sirloins, inside & outside skirt, chuck ribs, rump roast, and hamburger meat.  Each sizing option (quarter, half, and full) can be customized but must pertain to the weight requirements.  

Quarter a beef is 110 lbs of beef.  



Quality Grade

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