USDA Grade

Our USDA 100% Texas Black Angus Brisket is wonderful for large parties or for meal planing. Our brisket tends to be very juicy due to the high quality. 

 We like cooking brisket low and slow.  First, we enjoy applying our Extra Pepper Steak Seasoning to the brisket and then smoking it over mesquite wood for 45 minutes.   Second, transfer the brisket from grill to an extra large pan and add at least 1 inch of water.  Seal with foil or lid. Then cook in oven for 12 - 36 hours at 5º below boiling point for your altitude.  Once cooked, we separate lean meat from moist meat and trim fat.  Put the cut meat in casserole dish and with a grease separator add meat juices back to the dish (leaving the fat in the pan).  Finally, serve hot!   

When cooked correctly, a brisket can be a lean dish making it very popular for those watching their fat intake!  It is a succulent dish.  

  • USDA Prime:  High quality, superb marbling.
  • USDA Choice: High quality, less marbling.
  • All natural, Hormone-free.
  • Grain Finished
  • Dry-aged for 7 days followed by wet-aged for 30 days, creating the amazing flavor profile and tenderness of the meat.
  • Individually vacuum packed and delivered frozen

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