The Outlaw Box

2 Steaks
2 lbs Hamburger

Looking to give a gift to a friend, family member, coworker, partner, or yourself?  The Outlaw Box is perfect for you!  Packed with 3 delectable main courses, this gift will be treasured by all who are blessed to enjoy!  The Outlaw Box contains: 

  • 3 lbs Ribs,
  • 2 Prime Steaks (8 oz Filet, 16 oz NY Strip, or 16 oz Ribeye),
  • And 2 lbs ground beef.  

The Outlaw Box is a great value and is less than buying these items individually.  You will taste the high quality in each of our cuts.  All of TriTails Beef is: 

  • All Natural, Hormone Free,
  • Grain Finished,
  • 37 days aged (7 days dry aged, 30 days wet aged).  
  • Delivered directly to your door.


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