Spare Ribs

These are TriTails'"BEEF Baby Back" ribs!  Being of the same size and style of pork "Baby Back Ribs," our Beef Ribs that can be cooked the same as any other kind of ribs.  

 Our beef ribs come from USDA 100% Black Angus beef and are flavorful, meaty, and fun to eat with your fingers.  The delicious aroma will have everyone’s attention!

  • Hormone-free.
  • Bone-in products are aged 7 days dry followed by 18 to 21 days wet, creating the amazing flavor profile and tenderness of the meat.
  • Vacuum packed and delivered frozen.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the timing of our harvest, we were unable to get quality pictures.  These pictures do not represent the quality of our beef.

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